Cecil Blutcher Releases #HIGHerEd Mixtape

Cecil Blutcher’s highly anticipated mixtape #HIGHerEd is here.

The 12-track project features Blutcher’s big hit “Blast Off” as well as new songs such as “Waitin'” and “Loco.” For Blutcher, this mixtape serves as a gateway into the music world. “It’s my introduction, it’s my thesis. Everyone has their graduate thesis and this is mine. Since I’m a performing arts major, it’s not in paper form, it’s in lyrical form.”


Listen to the album via SoundCloud below and download the album here. Those who download the project via cecilblutchercreates.com get access  to exclusive content such as pictures, press releases, abstracts, and a video performance from one of his most recent concerts. 

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  1. Creation Bang (ft. Keegan from Key And Peele)
  2. Waitin’ (Prod. By Profound Swami)
  3. Blast Off (Prod. By Hughes)
  4. FREE (Prod. By Hughes)
  5. Huster S. Thompson (ft. Achillez) (Prod. By Nick X Miles)
  6. Birthday Wishes (ft. JoJo Mitchell and Brinie Wallace) (Prod. By Hughes)
  7. The Great Switch Up (Prod. By Hughes)
  8. I’m Fine (ft. Brinie Wallace & Kate Ryan) (Prod. By Steve Broadnax)
  9. R.N.A. (Prod By Hughes)
  10. Gotta Put On (ft. Nick Astro And Brinie Wallace) (Prod. By Keenan Davis)
  11. Loco (ft. JoJo Mitchell) (Prod. By Hughes)
  12. Good Morning Amen (Prod. By Hughes)



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